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Safe Air Services

Asbestos Removal


Safe Air Asbestos removal service includes identifying potential hazards, disposing substances and materials, and repairing what was damaged. As you know, asbestos fibers are too small to see just by staring at the surface. It is extremely important that a qualified expert be consulted when removing asbestos from buildings as there are many facets to the handling of asbestos that present when dealing with asbestos. This becomes even more complicated when asbestos and asbestos containing materials are exposed or disturbed. That is why; you will need Safe Air experts for asbestos removal in your environment. We handle everything in our asbestos removal service including:

  • Sealing off the work areassafe-air-asbestos-removal
  • Break down building materials in a safe manner
  • Dispose old, harmful building materials

There are many places where asbestos inspections are needed. For instance, you may not know if there is asbestos inside your home or office yet you are breathing it. Once breathed in, it will affect the lining of your lungs and abdomen. This will eventually lead to serious health risks such as Mesothelioma and lung cancer or even death. It’s important to seek assistance from an expert to clarify the situation. Employers and building owners should make sure an inspection is completed to meet the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

Safe Air Team will carry out the inspection in those areas,

  • Manchester-Asbestos-RemovalRoofs and Attics
  • Decks, Pipes and Outside Walls
  • Doors and Windows
  • Ceilings and Floorings
  • Basements

We are passionate about our job and take our work very serious. There is no other way to handle asbestos abatement without qualified technicians. We constantly monitor the work environment of all job sites. Strict work and safety procedures are enforced. We maintain a continuous and legally accountable presence at our work sites.

Asbestos removal, by its very nature, is disruptive. We provide our service to following sectors in Manchester area.

  • Residential Properties – Single to Multiple Dwelling Complexes

Asbestos Disposal


Although asbestos is widely known as a dangerous substance, illegal transportation and illegal dumping of asbestos waste still occurs often in UK causing many problems in order to reduce the cost. The owners of the buildings are responsible for ensuring that asbestos is properly and safely managed from the time it is identified through to its final disposal stage.

Waste generators must oversee the ultimate fate of the waste to ensure and fully document that the hazardous waste they produce is properly identified, managed, and disposed of. The regulations applicable to generators of hazardous waste are also subject to land disposal restrictions.

Asbestos-abatement-decontaminationEvery asbestos removal project, regardless of size, is performed utilizing trained asbestos removal professionals in conjunction with government regulations and project site requirements. Safe Air strict adherence to regulation and procedure ensures the health and safety of all personnel, the integrity of the abatement and ultimately results in an environmentally friendly solution to an otherwise hazardous situation.

Safe Air exceeds the minimum government standards for UK by requiring all project workers and Managers to have completed the asbestos removal certification program.

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